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 Hosted VoIP Phone Service:Allows companies to have branch offices and/or just single users
work from anywhere they have internet access and seem as if they are at the corporate office
in the next cube over. Hosted phone service provides endless features such as mobility,
voicemail to email, disaster recovery, single point of answer for multiple sites and many more

Premise Based VoIP Phone Systems: Our premised based phone systems can provide the
option of 100% VoIP services and/or continue using traditional trunking and still have all the
features of a VoIP phone system.

Wholesale SIP Trunking: Used for VoIP applications. Using SIP Trunking can save 100’s to
1,000’s of dollars monthly. SIP Trunking can also be integrated with traditional PBX’s.

 CO-Location Services: LAN-TEL utilizes for their premium enterprise class
managed data center space and co-location services. VoIP servers, backup servers, and other
cloud based applications. We have available from 1 U to whole racks or cabinets with unlimited


 Disaster Recovery: Build a disaster recovery plan with our hosted service to deploy phones to
strategic locations with your company’s outbound caller ID and direct your inbound number to
a predetermined number that hits our hosted system. This is a cost effective way to prepare for
an unexpected disruption of service at your corporate or branch locations.

 Maintenance Contracts: maintenance for phone systems, cabling, and other
telecommunications products for over 20 years to end user customers.

 Carrier Service: such as internet and phone services, LAN-TEL has over 40 companies that
specialize in providing services to end users such as internet connectivity, phone service, MPLS
networks, DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic and T1’s, LAN-TEL will help you select the best carrier that meets your needs.

Inter-Office Cabling: (cat 3, 5 and 6), backbone fiber cabling and CCTV have been a product and
service offing since the beginning. LAN-TEL’s data services consist of cabling, network room
layout, network hardware and software products such as racks, patch panels, servers, PC’s and

Overhead Paging Systems: from a couple of speakers to an IP based application that supports
multiple locations. Schools with talk-back applications, public venues to warehouses, we can
design and install a one or two-way paging system that meets your needs.

Demolition of Outdated or Existing Cabling: New State and local government codes are being
enforced more than ever. Most lease contracts state that the tenant will remove all cabling at
the end of lease. Don’t let an inexperienced company remove your cabling. Many companies
have had to pay thousands of dollars to fix mistakes of pulling or removing cabling that was
intended for other uses and still active.our paragraph here.

 LAN-TEL Communications